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Q What is IRC.XYZ?
A IRC.XYZ is a web based IRC client and bouncer service which allows you to chat on all your favorite IRC networks and remain connected 24/7.
Q Is it free?
A No. Our service is $3/month. We're cheaper than our competitors or a vps running a bouncer yourself.
Q Is this secure?
A Yes. All traffic between you and IRC.XYZ is encrypted.

The following stored data is also hashed/encrypted:
Login password, Network passwords, NickServ passwords, connect commands (common place for oper credentials), and the body of each message.
Q I run a network, how do I support IRC.XYZ?
A Our network currently consists of the following IP's:

IPv4: -


Each user has an unchangable and verifiable ident with their user ID such as xyz1.

Each user on a network supporting IPv6 has a unique IP address with forward and reverse DNS:
2001:470:8bdb:a::1 <=>
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